driven by challenge

During our work we always strive for the development, adoption and implementation of new
and innovative technologies and processes.


Production of TEKUM is based on the manufacture of parts for water, gas and steam turbines and general welded construction of total weight up to 50t.

Top quality

Hydro turbines, Steam turbines, Gas turbines

Hydromechanical equipment
Cooling systems
Welded construction

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Tekum built its reputation through professional and individual approaches, fast responses and reliable and innovative solutions. Our staff are experienced professionals with broad knowledge and experiences whose skills cover typical and unique models of turbines and generators of different manufacturers of equipment around the world.

Freshly New

Tekum  has many years of experience performing repairs on:
• water, steam and gas turbines
• hydro and turbo generators
• hydromechanical equipment
• cooling systems and pipelines
• welded constructions

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Testing and Analysis

Tekum has a top-of-the-range laboratory for non-destructive testing which consists of qualified personnel certified according to EN ISO 9712 as well as according to SNTC-TC-1A for VT, MT, PT, UT (levels 1,2 and 3) and test equipment that goes up with world trends.

Credible Results

Highly qualified laboratory personnel through laboratory and field testing on electrical and process facilities and their components, construction elements and different materials in the energy field, gains customer confidence on a daily basis satisfying criteria of test standards and compliance with applicable laws.

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Tekum combines services from its portfolio according to customer needs, in accordance with the legal regulations and the rules of the profession.


Engineering in energy sector is an important part of Tekum services, which our experts synergistically combine with consulting services, project management, preparation of expert opinions and expertise in the field of mechanical engineering.

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HE ORLOVAC 3x79MW – Revitalization of the PRV (Pressure Regulating Valve)

October 26th, 2020|

Application of the EDS (Energy Dissipation System) The PRV valve is designed to rapidly divert the water flow away from the turbine into a turbine bypass system when the guide vane apparatus needs to [...]


Our Core Values

Our core values are the foundations on which our Company is built. Our core values define what is important and the way we conduct business. Our daily commitment to these values makes our Company and our employees outstanding.

Our Vision

“Being a leader in our business and a major participant in each of our market segments.”

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Trusted Partners

We are well aware that each of our clients comes to us with certain expectations and places great responsibility in our hands. Consequently, as a reliable partner, we do our utmost to live up to this trust in every respect. And our success and the acclaim from our clients show that we are on the right track.

Building Inspiring Construction

It is not a beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction that will stand the test of time.