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In our company we have specialists with experience and professional references, who successfully and accurately determine the state of construction (conducting non-destructive testing, microstructure analysis and mechanical properties of materials), define technology and perform repair works.

Tekum has many years of experience performing repairs on:
• water, steam and gas turbines
• hydro and turbo generators
• hydromechanical equipment
• cooling systems and pipelines
• welded constructions

We have developed and qualified special welding procedures for the following parts:

Welding procedure qualification record (WPQR) for hydro turbine runners from material group 7 according to ISO / TR 15608, applicable for the repair of turbine runners in the assembled state while achieving satisfactory mechanical properties and hardness (<370HB) without the need for subsequent heat treatment.
This procedure has been successfully applied for the repair of several turbine runners, thus successfully and quickly repaired damage and avoid deformation.

Welding procedure qualification record (WPQR) for steam turbine components from the group of material 6 according to ISO / TR 15608, which is used to repair parts in the mounted state.
This procedure has been successfully applied for the repair of the turbine body casings and valve seats where extensive dismantling works are avoided.

Welding procedure qualification record (WPQR) for steel structures from the group of material 3 according to ISO / TR 15608, which are applied to repair structures in the assembled state with the achievement of good mechanical properties and strength.
This procedure has been successfully applied for the repair of the hydro power plant penstock thus successfully and quickly repaired damage.

We have developed welding procedure qulification records (WPQR) for the group of materials 4, 5 and 9 according to ISO / TR 15608 for production and repair of welded construction in thermal power plants.

We have developed welding procedure qulification records (WPQR) for the group of materials 1 and 8 according to ISO/TR 15608 for production and repair of welded construction from general construction steel as well as from stainless steel.

Non-destructive Testing

Tekum has a top-of-the-range laboratory for non-destructive testing which consists of qualified personnel certified according to EN ISO 9712 as well as according to SNTC-TC-1A for VT, MT, PT, UT (levels 1,2 and 3) and test equipment that goes up with world trends.

Laboratories have taken on a significant role in mechanical engineering at almost all phases of design, construction, process evaluation and verification of product properties, and participation in the implementation of the quality control of materials, construction elements and all works at design of a large number of different types of constructions, both in the country and abroad.

Tekum’s laboratory is highly capable of supporting all these processes.
Highly qualified laboratory personnel through laboratory and field testing on electrical and process facilities and their components, construction elements and different materials in the energy field, gains customer confidence on a daily basis satisfying criteria of test standards and compliance with applicable laws.

Tekum Ltd. laboratory combines the following services:

• Visual inspection
• Liquid penetrant inspection
• Magnetic particle inspection
• Ultrasonic inspection
• Ultrasonic thickness measurement
• Surface hardness measurement
• Replica investigation
• Microstructure analysis
• Coating thickness measurement
• Coating adhesion
• Leak test
• Validation and verification of material properties and construction properties
• Investigations and technical observations

UAV for Power Grid Inspections and Mapping

Power line inspections no longer need to be dangerous or time-consuming, and that’s great news for the power industry.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) provide an alternative tool that can be used in place of traditional survey and inspection methods for some unique projects. The agility, compactness and vast array of sensors available for UAV platforms make them an ideal tool for inspecting and collecting a variety of different data types in all kinds of settings. Using UAVs means we can inspect more quickly and effectively, allowing large volumes of various data types to be captured rapidly at a very high resolution.

At TEKUM we offer outstanding UAV experience and data analysis, working faster and more efficiently, exceeding current surveying and inspection analysis standards.

Inspecting powerlines manually is not quick or easy. However, automated drones coupled with advanced technology are changing the entire inspection process. In very complex operations, we have the skills to professionally manage all the logistical and operational aspects of your inspection program – helping you to mitigate both infrastructural and reputational risk.

TEKUM introduced UAV inspection service in 2020.

We currently fly several types of drones that can carry RGB camera with 12x zoom and thermal sensor at the same time.

CAA Approved operators

Tekum is working with industry recognized operators who have Operating Procedures in place to mitigate any risk and ensure safe and secure inspection procedures. UAV’s are piloted by CAA certified and approved pilots according to the highest H&S standards. They also have hundreds of industrial focused flying hours and have individually acquired over five years of experience safely flying drones in complex and challenging environments. All our in-house engineers are qualified plant inspectors with extensive industrial experience.
They QA all drone data to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of every inspection program.

UAV Data Collection and Analysis

Our aim is to provide full lifecycle of products to our clients. We can provide raw data collection, analysis and full reports.

Our inspection solution involves a two-man team, consisting of a pilot and an industry-qualified engineer, mobilizing on-site to capture the visual data required using a UAV. Whilst the pilot is flying, the engineer views what the UAV sees on a separate screen in real-time, to ensure the required data is being captured. This significantly reduced costs, thanks to the speed of inspection and reduced downtime, and reduced safety risks, by removing the need to work at height, near live lines or in generally hazardous areas.

RGB High Resolution Images

The resolution of images that can be captured through drone powerline inspection enables all details, down to minute parts such as cotter pins and bolts that would have been challenging to capture from a helicopter, were clearly visible and easily identifiable.

Thermal Imaging

Regular thermal imaging surveys on distribution powerlines can give a full picture of potential problems. Drone with a combination of infrared and visual payloads can help detect potential problems quickly and accurately from a distance.

TEKUM can identify hot spots early so you can prevent failures before they occur, reducing the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Collecting the data and then turning it into decision making tool for our clients is our main focus. Managing, integrating and analysing data for better decision making is our core expertise.

TEKUM is transforming asset management by digitalizing complex visual inspection, and hosting it in the cloud for easy access, sharing, and integration. We are using a range of Photogrammetry and GIS software packages to process and analyse the data. Pix4D and ESRI ArcGIS are most commonly used on our projects. Data can be distributed to client through cloud Web Mapping platform for easy analysis and inspections.

RGB Inspection Images and Photogrammetry Point Clouds

Vegetation management is a mandatory operations and maintenance (O&M) activity for electrical distribution and transmission companies who allocate large amounts of resources in inspection and control programs. We can provide detailed 3D mapping of the power lines and identify areas of risk.

From helping solve specific challenges with your drone inspection program to transforming terabytes of inspection data into high quality, actionable insights, we deliver what you need to keep the lights on.

Engineering Services

Tekum combines services from its portfolio according to customer needs, in accordance with the legal regulations and the rules of the profession. Engineering in energy sector is an important part of the Tekum services, which our experts synergistically combine with consulting services, project management, preparation of expert opinions and expertise in the field of mechanical engineering.

We monitor the time and financial execution of projects and solve the related issues of the contractor. We offer professional and technological monitoring, control testing of materials and works in accordance with the project defined technical conditions of quality.


The strategy of project management is related to the new projects, as well as to the projects of reconstruction, revitalization, repairs and projects of other investments. From planning through negotiation, through the works and control to the technical presentation of the structure, we carry out the complete work as a representative of the client or the contractor, allowing to the customer to deal with its core business.
The projects that are the subject of this management strategy may belong to: the energy, industrial and technological fields as well as other areas with different content and degree of complexity.

Each member of the expert team on the project is related to the conditional dynamics of realization of the related activities at the time of its duration, so that the perpetrators remains enough time for a quality preparatory phase of the project, while the project management team and the whole environment takes place continuously. By implementing this project management strategy, Tekum has realized a significant number of projects of different content and complexity with its professional staff and external associates, which is a guarantee that every new contract will also achieve realistic targets.


Tekum provides consulting services, quality assurance and supervision during design, manufacture, and installaion of mechanical components in power plants.

• selection of the type and construction of generator vital parts
• making and controlling mechanical calculations
• selection of materials for making the individual plant components
• analysis of stress calculation results and deformation
• selection of technological solutions for the manufacture and installation of mechanical parts
• analysis of technological solutions
• non-destructive testing
• control during fabrication and assembly
• inspection of the completeness of documentation
• developing the plan and procedures for preventive maintenance
• assessment of reliability and maintenance management of power and process plan


Production of TEKUM is based on the manufacture of parts for water, gas and steam turbines and general welded construction of total weight up to 50t. The organization of production processes and the handling of material ensure the full traceability, while experienced engineers, certified welders and inspectors guarantee highest-grade welding.